Faculty and Staff

The University of Arizona's MSE faculty are extensively disseminating the scientific and technological advances and discoveries they are making in the form of high-impact scientific publications. With more than 13,700 citations (an average of 17.4 citations per publication and an h-index of 55), the new knowledge produced by MSE faculty is strongly influencing the field. 

MSE faculty members are engaged in technology transfer via invention disclosure and patents. To support this high level of research activities, they aggressively seek financial support from government (National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, etc.), foundations (Science Foundation Arizona, private foundations) and industry. Research funding has grown steadily and ranges between $4M and $5M per year.

In addition to being true scholars, MSE faculty are genuinely committed to education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. They are involved in a continuous path of improvement of the student learning experience.  

They are at the forefront of innovation in the delivery of knowledge and instructional technologies. Their efforts in educating the next generation of engineers and scientists are being recognized locally, nationally and internationally. 

University of Arizona College of Engineering